Who We Are
  GLENTEC is a leading Engineering Service Organization. Our core team is having engineering professionals with vast domain expertise, has successfully executed many complex projects in the field of Detail Engineering, Project Management, Construction Management and O & M Services. Our technical team is highly qualified and has extensive experience in providing engineering consultancy. The company values individual calibre, contribution and offers challenging opportunities for individuals to excel in their skill sets.
What We Do
  GLENTEC as an Engineering Services Organization do below services.
Detail Engineering: Developing design & detail engineering packages in the area of Civil, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation, Piping and Mechanical.
Project Management Consultancy and Construction Management Services.
Staffing: Short Term and Long Term Placement at Customer Place/Office/Site to balance the peak load engineering activities.
Geotechnical Engineering and Topography Surveying.
O & M Services.
Workshop on Structural and Process Engineering.
Why We Are
  GLENTEC as an Engineering Services Organization would like to contribute always as a core team for all kind of engineering construction activities.
Flexible for Ramp-Up and Ramp-Down arrangement during peak & off-peak of project engineering & construction activities.
Readily available trained resources for any kind peak load engineering activities.
Competitive market price & Value addition.
Excellent Performance in First Quality & On Time Delivery.
What You Gain
  Cost benefit through globalization.
Enhanced Engineering Capacity.
Improvement in Project Cycle Time.
Reduction in Capital Investment.