AL SADD Sports Complex

Product / Project
• Complete Modeling and Detailing of overall project .
• Anchor Bolt Plans with Geo Co-ordinates
• GA Marking Drawings of all Plans, Elevations and Sections
• Connection GA drawings and Connection Detail Drawings for all connections in the Model, Detailing Sheets, Part Sheets .
Customer Inputs
• Contract Drawings
• Connection Design Drawings .
• Modeling and Detailing of Complex Truss drawings (Two directional Radial Trusses with 3D connections which includes more than 100 section views per assembly drawing)
• Narrow Schedule and Precise Detailing
• Connection Design at Various Joints
• Co-ordination with onsite Team for immediate requirements and changes
• Quality check at each level to ensure details and timely delivery .
• Leveraging project profitability and global resource utilization.