Solar PV Power Plants

Basic Engineering:
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR).
  • Project Finance Support covering Project Cost and ROI.
  • Guidance and Support in Procurement.
  • Review and Validation at every phase of Project Progress.
  • Technology (Crystalline or Thin Film).
  • Basic type and size of modules.
  • Basic array size and the inverter size.
  • Plot Plan and Equipment Layout drawings.
  • Size and type of various auxiliary systems equipment.
  • Summary of power distribution system & power evacuation system.
  • Summary of Instrumentation and Controls requirements.
  • Summary of Civil and Structural works requirements.
  • Complete Project Management including Quality Assurance, Cost and Schedule.

Detail Engineering:

  • Architectural, Civil & Structural:
      Engineering calculations, design & detail drawings covering estimation of quantities, tender documents for construction works, plot development, drawings & calculations for statutory approvals for all structures.


  • Plot Plan and Equipment Layouts for various structures and operation area.
  • Array Design.

Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I):

  • Design of power evacuation & inverter system.
  • Design of cabling details and cable layouts.
  • Power Estimation.
  • Design of HT and LT power distribution system.
  • Design, Sizing and specifications of Electrical equipments: Transformers, Switchgear, Cables, Lighting fittings & accessories.
  • Electrical system study including Relay Co-ordination.
  • Design of Speed Drives for special applications.
  • Design of service systems like Plant Communication,Fire Detection,Fire Alarm and Fire Protection.
  • Design of Instrumentation and Control Systems including PLC, SCADA, DCS.

Construction Project Management Services:

  • Quality of construction work.
  • Planning and controlling to meet the project schedule.
  • Contract Management.
  • Contractor/Vendor Selection.
  • As-built engineering.
  • Project Commissioning.
  • Project Handover.


  • Vendors qualification and inspection.
  • Review of Quality Assurance Plans.
  • Technical assistance towards statutory requirements.
  • Procurement assistance.