IBC SOLAR and Glentec share a mutual respect and appreciation that has enabled our firms to complete our first project together. The folks at Glentec are down-to-earth, hard-working engineers and designers who are outside-the-box thinkers. We’ve done this first project together and found out that we can count on Glentec as our creative partner. Their excellence goes beyond technical skills and capability; they focus on solving the challenges that inevitably crop up out in the field, working with our people every step of the way.
Reinhard Ling
  GLENTEC & BHEL -PV System Engineering Group have worked together in some of the MW projects. During the project execution time it so felt that the involvement and the technical support given by GLENTEC team is excellent.
Lokabhiraman S
  It has really been an excellent experience to work with GLENTEC for few of our PV MW Solar Power Projects. The quality of technical discussions, the responsiveness and the ownership or belongingness of GLENTEC team with the projects has really impressed us. It has been a very fruitful association between WELSPUN and GLENTEC.
Sudhir Sehgal